Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology

The clinical doctorate in speech language pathology (SLP-D) is an exciting new degree opportunity at Northwestern University and within the field of speech language pathology. Differing from a research doctorate or entry level master’s degree, the focus of the SLP-D is to develop the student’s ability to analyze and apply advanced principles of (1) leadership, (2) business and practice management, and (3) clinical science to real-world challenges within the context of a practice specialty area.

Innovative Coursework

As a working professional, you know there is much to learn beyond the boundaries of standard speech language pathology curriculum and conferences.  Finding the development you desire can be a challenge.  Our innovative curriculum provides the breadth and depth you seek.

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Customizable Programming

You want more – more for those you serve, more for the field, more for your own knowledge and skills in the areas that matter most.  Whether you recently became and SLP or have been practicing for decades, our customizable program meets your needs.

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Clinical Specialization

You have clinical areas of expertise you would like to further develop. Alternatively, you may want to develop a new area of acumen. Our flexible clinical specialization accommodates your goals.

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Mentored Development

You have been developing yourself through CEU and conference events, but you yearn for mentorship. Perhaps you seek mentors outside of the field and don’t know where to look.  Built into our program is specialty area mentorship to help you reach your fullest potential.

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Hybrid Format

As a working professional, moving and becoming a full time student may not be an option. We understand the needs of returning professional students.

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Vibrant Community

As a committed professional, you strive for excellence in your work, and you want nothing less from a professional degree program.  Northwestern is second to none.

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